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HR80s - now with over 50k songs

We've just crossed the 50,000 song mark for requestable songs.  That's right - the largest library on the net, just crossed a major milestone!  Thanks to all users who have helped support this station in so many ways, from sending CD's to being backstage pass subscribers. We would not have made it  to 50k songs without your help (especially after the massive station crash years ago)...


Thank you!

The End??

The Mayans have foretold the end of the world  (or they jsut got tired or putting out a calendar that went that far in the future - who knows)...In that vein, let's go out kickin ass today :)  Request your all time favorite songs and let's not go out without some great  music!  And...if we are fortunate to be here tomorrow, then even better!  


I just it midnight Mayan time? or somewhere out East (Japan/China time)...Just exactly when is the end?  Any Mayan scholars out there? I'm guessing 11:11pm Mayan time (central or mountain time in the US) but did the Mayans do daylight savings time? Guessing not - that sounds like something our Govt would put back to teh time of the end of the world...Are we in or out of daylight savings time? Maybe it's really 10:11pm when the world will end...So confusing. Hell..I dunno...So...I'll have a beer listen to some tunes...


oh've stumbled across the official Agenda to 2012 0 the End of the World


Here it is...Enjoy.

More Music! Apps coming soon!

We've just added in over 550 songs! We're now at 46,781 songs available for request!  We hope you enjoy! Some notable releases from 2012 include Aerosmith, Sister Sin, a Killer demo from Toxic Rose, new Helloween, Kamelot, Bloodbound, Black Country Communition...Just too many to mention - Head over to the new music page and see all the goodness for yourself!


Also...We'll be launching the HR80s official smartphone/tablet Apps soon...Stay tuned here for mroe info!  Some creative folks may already find them in a store if they look for HR80s :)

Hurricane Sandy

It is forecast that hurricane Sandy is going to be quite the storm. We hope all our East Coast listeners (and all those in this storm's path) are and will continue to find safety from this storm...Hopefully it isn't as bad as they are predicting...


Our thoughts and prayers go out to those in the storms path...

More New Music - 45 Albums!

We've added 45 mroe albums into the rotation...New releases include 2012 albums from Corrosion of Conformity, UFO, Vengeance, Wolfsbane, Hard Riot, Lillian Axe, Bullet Train Blast and many more.  Some great European rock in the latest batch...Enjoy and stay tuned for more music often ;)

New Music - 40,000 Songs!

We've overcome the 40k song barrier! The past few days have seen over 1,030 songs be added into the station...


New music from Metallica, Sixx AM, Mr. Big, Extreme and too many to list at this point..I know it was a long time in the coming, but at least you have some new music to crank to...

End Piracy - Not Liberty

I'm not sure if you all have heard of SOPA or PIPA bills, but these bills could threaten our station, website and community. I encourage you to read more, and take action. Google's site has a petition form and is a good place to start!  I encourage each of you to read up on the law, and then siggn the petition.  We thank you in advance...




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